Postdoctoral Supervision
  • Cait McKinney: "Domesticating Machines: Women's Textile Labor in Mid-Century Computing History"; Current position: Assistant Professor, California State University, Northridge
Doctoral Supervision
  • Karen McEwen"Economies of Self-Tracking"; Current position: ABD
  • Adam Pugen: "Hi-Fi Modernism: Tactile Aesthetics as Sense-Perception of the Symbolic Form of Digital Media"; Current position: ABD
  • Quinn Dupont"An Archeology of Cryptography: Rewriting Plaintext, Encryption, Ciphertext"; Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Washington (Co-supervision with Brian Cantwell Smith) 
  • Rebecka Sheffield"The Emergence, Development, and Survival of Four Gay and Lesbian Archives"; Current position: Assistant Professor, Simmons College
Quinn Dupont
Doctoral Committee Memberships
  • Hoang Anh Thu Nguyen (Information): visualization, Buddhism, embodiment
  • Angela Fazekas (Women and Gender Studies): queer, new media, television, fan culture; Current position: PhD student
  • Trish Adamson (Information): "Power of Attorney in Ontario"; Current position: PhD student
  • Daniel Laurin (Cinema Studies): "Straight Guys: Heterosexual Masculinities in Gay Male Pornography and New Authenticities"; Current position: ABD
  • Beyhan Farhadi (Geography): "Learners in a Digital Age: A Comparative Study of E-learners in the Toronto School Board"; Current position: ABD
  • Mathew Gagne (Anthropology): "Sex in the Digital Age: Information, Ethics, and Queer Lives in Beirut"; Current position: ABD
  • ginger coons (Information): "Something for Everyone: Using Digital Methods to Make Physical Goods"; Current position: Research Fellow, Digital Culture Research Centre, University of the West of England
Doctoral Committee Internal Appraisals
  • Justin Douglas: "Manufacturing Debt: A History of the Bank Credit Card Infrastructure"; Current position: ABD. 
  • Ashley Scarlett: "On the Matter of the Digital in Contemporary Media Art"; Current position: Assistant Professor, Alberta College of Art and Design
Master's Thesis Supervision 
  • Aaron Dishy: "r/theredpill: A Mixed-Methods Discourse Analysis of Men’s Social Movements on Reddit." 

Master's Committee Memberships

  • Chelsea Russell: "Monsters and Machines: Reframing Horror Video Games through Representations of Technology."   
  • Nicole Ritchie: "Queering Museums: Questions of Space, Affect, and Nonnormativity"
  • Benjamin Walsh: "Information Out in the Cold: Exploring the Information Practices of Homeless Queer, Trans, and Two-Spirit Youth in Toronto"
  • Hailey Siracky: "Spiritual Journal Keeping: An Ethnographic Study of Content, Materials, Practice, and Structure"